Learn Something New by Studying Abroad

Taking the steps toward a study abroad program can be a daunting task.  We are leaving our own confront zone and venturing into the world away from our friends and family.   Just the thought of being in a strange place with people different from ourselves is very overwhelming.  However, in going to a foreign place, we learn not only a new language but the culture and the though process.  We can take what we already learned and mesh it together with the new.

U.K. Trip007

Personally, I have came a long way before finding my true passion in environmental science. I have traveled to many different places. I have coasted the ocean blue across the Atlantic. I chatted with strangers in Palma De Mallorca. I did two tours in Iraq. If it wasn’t for my experience, I wouldn’t have found my true passion. I wouldn’t have seen the earth in a different light if I was just cooped up in my room studying the textbooks and through the internet. It was my interactions with people different from myself that I gained valuable insights and perspectives.

So in 2013, lets take what we already know and mesh it together with what we can learn from the foreign place. This place can be America, Europe, or Australia. We just have to start somewhere. So, in the New Year take steps to venture into the world of unknown and learn something new. Something that we can’t learn through books or through the internet.


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