Colleges near Greenwich Village in Manhattan, NY


If you have the means and the resources to live in Manhattan, then Greenwich Village would offer a vast array of options and colleges within walking distance. At the heart of Greenwich Village is New York University’s main campus. Although NYU is pretty much scattered all around Manhattan, their deemed main campus is the buildings surrounding Washington Square Park. The president’s office is the very top floor of Bobst Library and the Skirball Center, where students often hangout to study and eat is literary right next door. NYU is very competitive to get in for regular admissions as either undergraduate or graduate student, but have other options for non-degree students such as ESL only programs.

If you walk a little north of NYU’s main campus, around 12th and 6th Avenue, then you would walk into The New School. The New School is well known for their Art program offered through the Parsons School of Design. Parsons would proudly display art works of their students on what looks like store front windows surrounding their buildings. In 2010, The New School had a 60% acceptance rate of which 25% were international students. International Students are required to have a minimum TOEFL score of 88 for undergraduate and 100 for graduate.

Walk southwest of Washington Square Park, just outside of Greenwich Village and you will walk into the heart of Hudson Square. Hudson Square is known for the media and tech industry and the State University of New York’s Empire State College sits at the heart of it. Empire State College is one of SUNY’s 13 arts and science colleges and has pretty easy admissions requirement. Unfortunately, they don’t offer I-20s for Foreign Students. However, other SUNY campus does offer this option.


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